Dr. Stephan Welk: Students From São Tomé e Principe Can Now Study In Germany

High-ranking diplomat and lobbyist Dr. Stephan Welk reassures his commitment and humanitarian support of São Tomé e Principe. His new project involves promotion of African students from São Tomé e Principe.

In September 2015 at the University of São Tomé and Príncipe was announced a German course. With the support of Goethe-Institut and the German Academic Exchange Service, and in cooperation with the University of Münster, German lessons first started in this small African state.

Winners of an annual competition of students of the German language course are awarded a scholarship, which allows them to study at the University of Münster. This competition is organized by the University’s Department Head, Mrs. Diana Jordao da Cruz, and financed by the Special Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in São Tomé e Principe, Dr. Stephan Welk.

Dr. Stephan Welk finances both the flight and the stay of three students attending this German course at the Universidade de São Tomé e Príncipe.

“The aim of this aid is to bring the German language and culture closer to African countries so that African students could complete an apprenticeship in Germany and, after completing their training, benefit from the know-how gained in Germany and Europe for the development of their home economics. Studies have shown that well-educated African students usually go back to their homeland to implement the experience they have gained in Europe. This creates jobs in the home country and boosts the economy”, says Dr. Stephan Welk.