Dr. Stephan Welk Promotes São Tomé e Principe Among European Countries

Dr. Stephan Welk, a Special Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in São Tomé e Principe, who is closely linked to the government of the island republic of São Tomé e Principe, and accredited at the European Union in Brussels, uses his ties and contacts to promote the merits of this peaceful and democratic country among politicians in Europe.

Dr. Stephan Welk and H. E. Salvador dos Ramos, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of São Tomé e Principe

He is thinking of infrastructure assistance through European partners. As São Tomé e Principe was formerly a colony of the EU member state Portugal, Dr. Welk hopes to aid reconstruction by the former colonial rulers. Among his plans is a new airport that would help establish better air connection to the double island republic. This needs a lot of capital, which needs to be lured into this tropical state.

The island republic in the Gulf of Guinea is regarded as an alternative holiday paradise and hopefully, new infrastructure plans would help promote São Tomé e Principe in the world as well as attract new tourist and investors to help fulfill this plan.