Dr. Stephan Welk brings investors to São Tomé e Principe

Dr. Stephan Welk has been in the diplomatic service for São Tomé e Principe for several years now.  Since then, this small African republic in the Gulf of Guinea has seen a boost in economic development.

Former Portuguese colony wants to be better connected to the European economic market, and Welk, who is accredited to the EU in Brussels, promotes infrastructure assistance to policy-makers. Some years ago Welk was noticed as a particularly well-informed insider on the international market for cocoa, and since São Tomé e Principe is a well-known producer of finest cocoa beans, he facilitated reciprocal interaction in the cocoa business.

Recently on São Tomé Welk was spotted with investor Oliver Kreider, Rolf Brunner, former head and developer of electronic stock exchange in Switzerland, Tom van Hoof, investment and government advisor and Geert van Tongerlo, an investment advisor.